Human Rights Advocacy: Promoting Equality, Dignity, and Freedom for All

INALUM, in its business operations ethically and responsibly, is committed to respecting human rights, including employees, value chains, and surrounding communities where we operate per the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Indonesian Laws and Regulations. Respect labor rights to freedom of association, do not practice forced labor, or employ workers under 18 (eighteen) years old.

INALUM provides equal opportunities to all employees without discrimination, respects women's rights in all aspects of work, provides a conducive and safe work environment, and ensures that the wages provided to workers meet local industry minimum standards and comply with applicable laws and industry standards regarding working hours.

Human Rights Education, Raising Awareness and Promoting a Culture of Respect

INALUM has and continues to strive to maintain its commitment to respecting human rights in business operations, such as guaranteeing freedom of speech, not performing forced labor, not employing children, not discriminating against gender, creating a conducive work environment, and fulfilling wage and working hour regulations. The company also ensures the health and safety of its workers by implementing procedures for hazard identification, assessment, and risk control.

Human Rights Due Diligence (Human Rights Due Diligence) was carried out at INALUM in October - November 2022 through filling out questionnaires by the company, interviewing local communities and company representatives, media searches, examining cases and court decisions, as well as examining global sanctions.

Working with Partners and Stakeholders to Advance Human Rights Agendas

Uji tuntas dilakukan oleh PT Integrity Indonesia terhadap INALUM dengan melalui asesmen kepatuhan perusahaan terhadap pemenuhan tanggung jawab perusahaan untuk menghormati hak asasi manusia sebagaimana didefinisikan dalam UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). Hasil uji tuntas menyatakan bahwa INALUM mematuhi UNGPs dalam hal kepatuhan (compliance) dan potensi dampak HAM (potential human rights impacts).

PDF - Human Rights (HAM) Policy