INALUM is the abbreviation of PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium. 

INALUM is engaged in the aluminium smelting and processing sector. In this sector, INALUM is the only company engaged in the aluminium smelting sector and is the only State-Owned Enterprise engaged in the national aluminium industry. 

INALUM is mainly located in two places as follows:
- Head Office and Smelting Plant in Kuala Tanjung
- INALUM's Hydroelectric and Hydropower Plant Office in Paritohan

INALUM has 3 main products, namely:
- Aluminium Ingot
- Aluminium Billet
- Aluminium Alloy
With product quality reaching 99.90%.

INALUM obtains energy for its operations from two Hydropower Plants, namely:
- Siguragura Hydroelectric Power Plant
- Tangga Hydroelectric Power Plant
Both of these hydropower plants use water flow from the Asahan River to drive turbines to produce electrical energy. 

PT INALUM (Persero) has 3 dams and two hydropower plants, also known as the Asahan 2 Project, namely the Regulating Dam, Siguragura Dam and Tangga Dam as well as Siguragura Hydropower Plant and Tangga Hydropower Plant.

INALUM can produce maximum aluminum up to 250,000 tons/year.

Approximately 80% of INALUM's products are distributed to the Indonesian domestic market. The rest is exported to the international market. 

INALUM is committed to increase the amount of production to reach double capacity. Therefore, several strategic actions were taken by the company to achieve this target. 

INALUM has 3 subsidiaries, namely:
- PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia
- PT Indonesia Aluminium Alloy
- PT Nasional Hijau Lestari

INALUM's subsidiaries are engaged in part of the aluminium industry supply chain, namely:
- PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia
Engaged in refining bauxite into alumina. Located in West Kalimantan. 
- PT Indonesia Aluminum Alloy
Engaged in smelting Grade B and C aluminium. Focus on alloy and billet products. Located in Kuala Tanjung
- PT Nasional Hijau Lestari
Engaged in waste treatment and management

INALUM's CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is guided by the 2030 Sustainability Development Goals with priority direction from the Government of Indonesia to empower the MSME, Education, and Environment sectors.

The INALUM CSR area is in 10 regencies / cities in North Sumatra and throughout Indonesia. 

INALUM is a member of the MIND ID Mining Industry Holding. 

INALUM's 100% share ownership is owned by the state through PT Mineral Industri Indonesia (Persero) or MIND ID.