Promoting Ecological Balance through Diverse and Resilient Ecosystems

The company's commitment to biodiversity is contained in the company's policy "to mitigate the decline in the value of the Biodiversity Index (IKH)". INALUM received a National Environmental award in the field of Mangrove Planting in 2021 given by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia's Coal Regency and the 2020 CSR Award for the Platinum category in the field of Greening Critical Lake Toba Forest Lands in 2020 given by the Corporate Forum of Community Development.

Sustainable Land and Resource Management to Support Biodiversity

In addition, INALUM also carries out a spotted deer breeding program as an effort to protect biodiversity and as a forum for socializing and educating the community.

Link - Sustainability Report PDF - Biodiversity Strategic Plan
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Company Commitment to Maintain Lake Toba Energy 2019 - 2023

PT INALUM implements flora and fauna biodiversity conservation programs around the Paritohan and Lake Toba hydropower operational areas as part of the company's commitment to maintaining the company's green energy and the company's strategic steps in preserving Indonesia's heritage for the next generation.