Public Facilities

INALUM provides facilities for surrounding communities as the company's responsibility in providing the best facilities for the growth and development of the communities. These facilities include religious facilities, school facilities, and hospital. INALUM always hopes that all of this support will increase productivity and become a means of positive growth and development for the communities.

In order to improve the quality of health of its employees and the surrounding community, PT INALUM established a hospital with adequate health facilities. PT INALUM hospital is located in Tanjung Balai, Asahan, North Sumatra Province.

Maintain Employees' Health
Improve Health Quality
Adequate Health Facilities
Maintain Employee and Community Health

INALUM collaborates with the Government of Tanjung Gading to build qualified educational institutions starting from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school in order to build the future generation of the nation.

Improved the Educational Quality
Adequate Education Facilities
Support Teacher Quality Improvement
Creating Intelligence Generations

In the field of religion, not only INALUM helps repair mosques and churches, but also supports facilities for both houses of worship. The Company also conducts religious activities such as Ramadan safari, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Christmas and Easter, and other forms of activities.

Provide Religious Facilities
Improve Religious Facilities Regularly
Organize Religious Activities
Support Religious Activities

Employee Facilities

INALUM provides facilities to employees as a corporate responsibility in providing the best facilities for the growth and development of employees and employee families. These facilities include religious facilities, sports facilities, parks, and mass transportation. INALUM always hopes that all of this support will increase productivity and become a means of positive growth and development for both physically and mentally.

PT INALUM’s office is equipped with modern and comfortable facilities to support employee productivity, including fully equipped workspaces and advanced technology systems.

Modern and Functional
Adequate Technology Facilitites
Environmentally Friendly
Security and Comfort Guaranteed

PT INALUM provides complete and high-quality sports facilities, providing opportunities for employees to maintain health and life balance.

Adequate Sport Facilities
Several Sport Activities Available
Professional Supervision

PT INALUM Dormitory is a safe and comfortable place to live for employees who come from out of town. It offers a warm and supportive atmosphere for learning and socializing.

Comfortable Residence
Privaacy and Security Guaranteed
Cleanliness Maintained
Conducive Social Environment

PT INALUM provides quality accommodation for company guests, ensuring they feel valued and well cared for during their visit.

Comfortable Residential Quality Assured
Cleanliness and Security Maintained
Complete Facilities

PT INALUM offers exclusive and comfortable accommodation for VIP guests and special guests, ensuring a special place to stay.

Exclusivity and Privacy
Attractive Interiors
Excellent Services
High-Quality Facilities

PT INALUM conference room is the ideal place to hold various business events and important meetings, equipped with modern facilities and the latest technology.

Adequate Capacity
Advanced Technical Facilities
Latest Technology
Multifunctional Room

A collaborative and innovative hub for millennial generation employees, providing a creative and inspiring environment for professional and personal growth.

Advanced Technology
Great-Quality Development Programs
Improve Productivity

PT INALUM Club House is a relaxing place for employees to unwind and socialize, offering a variety of recreational and entertainment facilities.

Family Entertainment Venue
Thmatic Events and Activities
Social Facilities
A Place to Exchange Thoughts

PT INALUM Shop is an employee shopping center that provides a variety of daily needs with a complete selection of quality products.

Diverse Products
Affordable Prices
Easy to Access
Special Employee Discount

PT INALUM serves a variety of delicious culinary choices from various cuisines, ensuring employees enjoy delicious and varied dishes every day.

Diverse Culinary
Food-Quality Maintained
Comfortable Environment to Eat
Affordable Prices

PT INALUM provides banking services that are easily accessible for employees, ensuring ease of conducting financial transactions in the company area.

Convinience in Transactions
24-hour Services
Extensive Bank Network
Security and Privacy Guaranteed