Risk Management

INALUM has established the Operating Committee Regulation no. Per-010/DIRPEL/2021 concerning Risk Management Implementation Policies and Guidelines as a guide for companies and subsidiaries in managing risk and uniform and synergize risk management practices to optimize the ability to identify, analyze, evaluate and respond to risks and take advantage of opportunities that exist in the achieve company goals. This guideline refers to risk management principles in accordance with ISO 31000:2018.

To identify and mitigate risks in achieving company targets and objectives, INALUM has formed a Departmental Risk Management Team (TMRD). To facilitate risk management and mitigation, the company has a SIMRI (Risk Management Information System) application system. Based on the risk management maturity assessment from an independent party in 2021, INALUM obtained a score of 3.91 out of a scale of 5. In addition, the company established Business Continuity Management System Guidelines through the Operating Committee Regulation no. Per-015/DIRPEL/2021 which aims to prepare the Company to have resilience in critical business operations.

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