INALUM Drives Emissions Reduction and Leading Environmental Innovation

The company's commitment to environmental management includes reducing the impact of conventional air emissions and Greenhouse Gases (GHG). CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) is a mechanism for reducing GHG emissions involving both developed and developing countries. INALUM is one of the industries in developing countries (Indonesia) that is voluntarily engaged in its implementation.

For implementing the CDM, INALUM received an international award related to carbon credit from LRQA in 2012. In addition, based on the 2022 LME Passport-Sustainability Disclosures, PT INALUM is categorized into range one, 0-4 tonnes CO2-e/MT of aluminum products.

Sustainable Practices for a More Climate-Resilient Future

In 2021, INALUM will implement a superior program for reducing emission loads, namely the program to use LNG fuel as a substitute for LPG. This innovative program is based on an LCA study conducted by an independent party that aims to reduce the GWP impact of the resulting emissions. This innovation was first implemented in Indonesia in the (Metal Processing) Sector or, according to the 2017-2020 Best Practice from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, has never been implemented in the (Metal Processing) sector.

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