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The amount of demand and supply of aluminum in the market is almost balanced. PT INALUM has more than 50 customers throughout Indonesia and several countries. The products produced by PT INALUM consist of Aluminum Ingot, Aluminum Billet and Aluminum Alloy. Since becoming a state-owned enterprise, all of these products are prioritized for sale to the domestic market. To find out more about how to buy our products, please get in touch with us.

Regarding general conditions and definitions related to how to purchase Aluminium products PT INALUM (Persero) can be downloaded here.

Meanwhile, commonly asked questions regarding product specifications and how to purchase PT INALUM Aluminium products can be downloaded here.

Criticism and suggestions are one of the important things for INALUM's future growth. Please submit comments/opinions/suggestions/complaints regarding sales services via email at and


Contact INALUM

For questions & further information about PT INALUM Products, 
can contact our marketing / sales department via:
Tel: (0622) 31311, ext. 3152/3153
Fax: (0622) 31001
e-mail: or


Specify Your Requirements

Currently PT INALUM produces 3 types of aluminum products, namely:
1. Aluminum Ingot
a. Primary Aluminum Ingot (Unalloyed), 99.70% Al.
b. Primary Aluminum Ingot (Unalloyed), 99.90% Al.
2. Aluminum Billet 6xxx series (5 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch)
3. Foundry Alloy A356.2 series


Request for Quotation

Minimum purchase is 10 tons for all product types.



PT INALUM's product pricing follows the LME price with an additional premium.


Purchase Agreement

Payment options with Cash, 30 days SKBDN (interest free) and 60 days SKBDN (30 days 
interest free and 30 days LIBOR/JIBOR).


Payment & Delivery

a. PT INALUM has 3 Product storage warehouses to facilitate the pick-up or delivery of Products to domestic Buyers, as follows 
pickup or delivery of Products to domestic Buyers, as follows:
Kuala Tanjung Warehouse: Medan area, North Sumatra and surrounding areas. (CIP/FCA terms)
Jakarta Warehouse: Jabodetabek, Banten, West Java area. (CIP terms)
Surabaya Warehouse : Surabaya area, East Java and East Indonesia (CIP terms)
b. For export using FOB terms

Product Aluminium

Inalum produce Aluminium Ingots with premium quality. There are several qualities produced by Inalum, but the most demanded ones are 99.90%

The production for Inallet uses a fully automatic equipment which provides several advantages including

The process of producing Inalum's prime alloy which bears the trademark Inalloy is using ODT technology from Australia by ulizing reverberatory Furnace

Product Non Aluminium

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