Emission Reduction Strategies for Cleaner and Safer Air

The company runs an integrated aluminum smelting operation that is profitable, safe, and environmentally friendly to increase value for stakeholders as stipulated in the company's mission. The smelter is equipped with a Gas Cleaning System to avoid pollution caused by exhaust gases, including fluoride and dust from the reduction plant and SOx and tar from the Anode Grill Plant.

The smelter also has 27 (twenty-seven) dry scrubbing units connected to three pot lines. For gas emission treatment, alumina is sprayed into a fluoride-containing gas stream. Almost all of the fluoride in the gas reacts with the alumina and is absorbed. The fluoride-enriched alumina and other particulates are then returned to the smelting furnace while the clean gas is exhausted through the flue.

Combating Air Pollution through Innovation and Collaboration

INALUM conducts continuous emission monitoring (CEMS). In addition, monitoring of emissions and the quality of ambient air in the environment is carried out periodically by independent third parties accredited by KAN and the Environmental Laboratory in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

Link - Sustainability Report PDF - Air Emission Efficiency Strategic Plan