Responsible Hazardous Waste Management for a Safer Environment

PT INALUM is highly committed to managing Hazardous and Toxic Material/"Bahan Beracun dan Berbahaya" (B3) waste. One of its manifestations is to conduct an inventory of B3 waste and report the B3 waste balance regularly to the relevant party (the government of the Republic of Indonesia) in order to comply with applicable environmental regulations.

Ensuring Hazardous Materials Management According to Standards

In accordance with the established policies, INALUM carries out B3 waste management by prioritizing the 4R principles, namely reduce (reduction at source), reuse (reuse), recycle (recycle), and recovery (recovery). In waste management, especially Spent Pot Lining, INALUM cooperates with licensed third parties for use as an alternative material in the cement industry and avoids landfills as the final waste management.

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B3 waste management at INALUM