This is How INALUM Celebrates the 78th Anniversary of RI's Independence

This is How INALUM Celebrates the 78th Anniversary of RI's Independence

Batu Bara, 22 August 2023 -PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum or INALUM celebrates the Independence Day of RI Ke-78 with various activities involving employees, employees family, vendors to public. The range of activities carried out since 15 August 2023 to 25 August 2023. This series of HUT RI activities is the expression of INALUM’s INALUM’s sophistication from Covid-19 and the company’s commitment to promote Indonesia. 

President Director of INALUM Danny Praditya called that this series of programs is the company's step in celebrating independence of Indonesia, as well as our gratitude as the nation has succeeded past the prihatin times when the pandemi. According to him, this is the time of Indonesia and INALUM to return to work optimally for the progress of Indonesia.  

"Tentu we all, as the INALUM Insan is very happy with the celebration of the UT RI Ke-78 this year, because that is we present many programs that can present the ingeniousness, courage, and our gratefulness as a nation's child. This week can be the marker for us insan INALUM and all Indonesian people to continue to carry out the meetings of innovation and creation as our support to Indonesia to continue to reach for Indonesia Maju," said Danny. 

In celebrating the UT RI Ke-78, INALUM made 3 large series of events including: 17 August Flag Ceremony, Competition, and Obor's Charter. The three series of activities   it is carried out in the Complex area of INALUM Employees in Tanjung Gading, Batu Bara Utara Regency with participants from INALUM employees, employees families, partners/vendor, students, and public. As for activities carried out among others:

1. HUT RI Ceremony Ke-78

2. Obor (Taptu) Night 17an

3. Earthquakes

4. Traditional Competitions

5. Home Hygiene Competition

6. Blood Donor

7. Drawing and Dyeing Competition

8. Smart Amateur Interracial

9. Cosplay Contest

10. E-Sport Competition


Danny Praditya in the ceremony of HUT RI calls all activities made in accordance with the interest and talents of the whole large family of INALUM and the input builds from society. According to Danny, the collaboration and spirit of which was built by INALUM as a concrete step in realizing the feeling of pride that gotong royong, harmonious, and responsible. 

" In this year’s independence day, we celebrate the freedom of Indonesian nation from colonialism and celebrate the freedom of every nation’s daughter to work in accordance with his expertise, his talent, and his ability. This is the momentum where we become an independent man in the homeland of pride," he said.

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