Peak 47th Anniversary INALUM

Peak 47th Anniversary INALUM

Batu Bara, January 7, 2023 – PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Persero) or INALUM already
Enters its age to 47 years on January 6, 2023. Various coloring activities
HUT cost the aluminum company in the INALUM Central Office and in the Main Court
Tanjung Gading, Coal District began Friday (6/1/2023) until Saturday (7/1/2023).
The celebration was started by cutting the tumpeng on the ballroom Smelter Kuala Tanjung
on Friday (6/1/2023) by President Director of MIND ID and INALUM, Hendi Prio Santoso
together ranks of SEVP INALUM. Hendi in his speech says the future
aluminum industry is very bright. For that INALUM should continue to take the position as
the leading leaf to supply the aluminium soil water.

The elektrification program generally depends on aluminum. The main demand using
aluminium is greater. Almost all industrial activities and buildings use
aluminium. The future of INALUM insan is excellent and bright. These opportunities don’t get
in vain. Let’s fill with the torehan achievements and achievements.

"INALUM screening is ready to take the aluminum supply position in Indonesia. Do not
to the leadership of this INALUM is lost. Not only the MIND ID group but the people's safe through
the government submitted to us," said Hendi.

The cost of INALUM improves the production capacity of one is present through the child
the company of Indonesia Aluminium Alloy (IAA). On the same day, IAA gives
kado in the form of soft commissioning that ensures the machines are ready to operate and
recycle aluminum.

"Today 6 January 2023 milestones early history and also days of the 72th anniversary of PT Inalum.
PT IAA conducts soft commissioning migration recycled aluminum smelting. Almost
all machines are ready to operate but stay waiting for a safety operation test," says Dirut
PT IAA, Ricky Gunawan.

With the operation of PT IAA, it targets an increase in capacity of 21 thousand tons per

Rangkaian HUT to-47 PT INALUM (Persero) continues Saturday (7/1/2023) morning. The road
advisor with a total prize of Rp100 million welcomed the enthusiasm of the Coal society. Note
The wisdom of citizens joined the healthy road held in the Complex of Tanjung Gading, Coal
ini. A variety of exciting rewards available to the main motorcycle makes society
voluntary looking for the results of the bath. Moreover they can also exchange coupons with a variety of free food available in existing tents.



"The old prayer is not held because COVID-19, so I am very happy there is another activity.
These are bringing the children once and also hopes to be rewarded," said Heri, one
the people of the people of the healthy street participants.

Rangkaian HUT PT INALUM continues with the program of social work to the role of Darut
Taufiq Coal, Sub-district Fivepuluh Pes comb, Coal District, Saturday (7/1/2023) afternoon.
PT INALUM provides assistance in the form of money, spawning, school equipment and various
other necessity to dozens of santri who appealed science there.

Director of Operations & Portfolio INALUM, Danny Praditya said INALUM always try
to give benefit to the surrounding community that requires. For that party is pleased
helps relieve a little load in the assurance panti.
"Today we present to provide santunan in the framework of 47 years old INALUM company.
It is the obligation for us to provide benefits not only economy to society
but also social responsibility," said Danny.

As the opportunity to present the rank of SEVP INALUM among others SEVP Operation and
Products PT INALUM, Rainaldy Haharap, SEVP Business Development, Octavianus Tarigan,
SEVP SDM and Benny Business Support Alexander Wiwoho, SEVP Operational Finance
and Risk Management, Kuspriyono, Deputy Secretary of the Company Mahyaruddin AR, and
Vice President Humas Plant Smel, Bambang Heru Prayoga.

Puncak celebration of INALUM INALUM continued with a joyful stage, Chairman of Panitia
E-47 INALUM HUT, Chandra Gunawan Delimunthe in the occasion
appreciates a healthy road event and a theme stage that has been attended and enjoyed by
warga Tanjung Gading and the community around the company with tib, safe and smooth.

Sementara, Deputy Secretary of the Company INALUM, Mahyaruddin AR said that
this object is the peak of the series of activities of the UT to-47 INALUM. “I hope
with the implementation of this community can be entertained and feel directly
the presence of INALUM in this 47th anniversary, please do the prayer of the whole society
INALUM can continue to collaborate and grow beyond according to the theme of INALUM
which is 47,” he said.

According to the present of the President Commissioner of PT INALUM (Persero), Doni Monardo and angggota commissioner
Ridwan Djamaluddin and Nicolaus Teguh Budi H watch the concert. Doni proudly
achievements carried out by INALUM. One of the only Gold PROPER awards.
ProPER Gold itself is the highest award awarded to
the company that proves to implement renewable energy efficiency and energy systems.

" Gold PROPER becomes the highest award of the company in the field of the environment. In addition
the government bans export odoroxyt to become an opportunity for INALUM doing
the processing industry and purification of domestic odors. INALUM is also expected to continue to be
global players," he added.
Next Angga Candra, a successful YouTuber became a singer entertaining the stones

Bara with the mainstays. Starting from the cover "On" from Ari Lasso, as well as his own songs such as "All for you" and end up with "Sampai Lid Age". The Board of Directors also targeted when Angga Candra brought the song of the " Morning



HUT INALUM closed the appearance of Repvblik which brings its reliable songs such as
"Thanah Kuberikan", "Only Want You Know", "Sandiwara Love" to "Tetangga Blanket"
who brought the audience soluble in the conjunction to the end of the event.

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