Celebrating 46th Anniversary, INALUM Looks Forward to 2022 with the Spirit of Synergy, Growth and Resilience

Celebrating 46th Anniversary, INALUM Looks Forward to 2022 with the Spirit of Synergy, Growth and Resilience

Kuala Tanjung, January 6, 2022 - PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Persero) or known as INALUM celebrates its 46th anniversary with the spirit of "Synergy, Growth and Resilience". This was conveyed at INALUM's 46th Anniversary Reception held in Kuala Tanjung, North Sumatra. INALUM is optimistic that it can make a better contribution to all stakeholders while providing more sustainable benefits in Indonesia.

Director of Operations and Portfolio of PT INALUM (Persero) Danny Praditya said that the existence of INALUM is now part of a new journey of the national economy and the progress of the nation not only for today, but tomorrow and in the future, for the next generation.

"INALUM must be ready to boost business growth that focuses on the downstream growth of the national mining industry, also ready to become a company that focuses on sustainability development goals, where environmental preservation and community empowerment through the TJSL program become an integral part of the company's operations. So Bersinergi, Tumbuh, dan Tangguh is INALUM's answer in facing increasingly dynamic challenges, "said Danny in his speech.

INALUM was present in Indonesia in 1976 in the form of a PMA or joint venture between Japan and Indonesia with a big vision of becoming a big player in aluminum processing in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The PMA status was carried out by INALUM until 2013.

In 2013, INALUM became a state-owned company and has the status of Persero so that INALUM's focus in operating is not only for corporate profits but also to provide sustainable benefits for all stakeholders and the people of Indonesia.

Located in the INALUM Building Ballroom in Kuala Tanjung, INALUM's 46th Anniversary Reception itself was held in a hybrid manner (physical and virtual presence) by implementing health protocols and limiting invited guests. The activity was attended by local stakeholders, namely the Regent of Batu Bara Ir. H. Zahir, M.AP.; Deputy Regent of Batu Bara H Oky Iqbal Frima, S.E.; Chairman of the DPRD Batu Bara M. Safi'i, S.H.; Kapolres Batu Bara AKBP Ikhwan Lubis; Kajari Batu Bara Amru E Siregar SH. MH; Chairman of MUI Batu Bara M.H. Hidayat, L.C., M.A.; Dandim 0208 Asahan Lieutenant Colonel Inf Sri Marantika Beruh; Danlanal Tanjung Balai Asahan Lieutenant Colonel Laut (P) Robinson Hendrik Etwiory; and also attended by the Head of Sub-District and Head of Village and other stakeholders who have important links in every INALUM business line.

Previously, for one month INALUM also carried out the INALUM 46th Anniversary Activity Series. In this series, INALUM held various competitions for the wider community such as photography competitions, videography competitions, and journalistic competitions; blood donor activities in two company locations (Employee Complex in the PLTA Area and Employee Housing in Tanjung Gading); compensation activities for 146 orphans from 3 areas around the operational area; as well as internal activities such as environmental hygiene and e-sport competitions. INALUM also organized the INALUM Virtual Charity Run by involving employees and the wider community.

The meaning of Bersinergi, Tumbuh, dan Tangguh was also explained by Danny in his speech. He said that these three words were INALUM's manifesto in strengthening its existence to coincide with a historic moment where the G20 presidency or the leadership of the G20 was in the hands of the Indonesian people and in the mandate of this leadership, Indonesia encouraged synergy and resilience in building a post-pandemic world.

"As part of the big family of BUMNs that carry out noble purposes to advance the Nation and State, it is a must for inalum to support what is the theme of the Indonesian presidency at the G20, namely recover together, recover stronger or together we recover and are stronger than before," said Danny.

Synergy states that INALUM as the largest aluminum processing company in Indonesia is ready to synergize and collaborate with all parties, including SOEs, private institutions, regulators, and shareholders in order to increase benefits for the community.

Tumbuh stated that INALUM will continue to grow along with various strategic corporate actions in order to assist Indonesia in encouraging the downstreaming of the national mining industry, growing a modern and innovative aluminum cluster industrialization ecosystem as well as a company that supports the management and use of renewable energy in Indonesia.

Tangguh states that INALUM has proven good resilience in facing crisis conditions over the past two years due to the global pandemic and is now ready to continue to face every challenge that comes in the future while becoming the industrial face of the spirit of a Resilient Indonesian nation.

During operations, INALUM has a concern for maintaining environmental sustainability, we always make efforts to preserve and conserve the environment around our operational areas including Lake Toba. Moving on to 2022, PT INALUM (Persero) will continue several strategic corporate actions that have started in 2021 such as the Reduction Furnace Technology Upgrading Project which will be completed in 2023, Kuala Tanjung Smelter Optimization which is targeted to increase production capacity in 2024-2025, Construction of Smelter Grade Alumina Refinery in Mempawah, and Diversification Project through the Construction of Aluminum Remelt IAA which will be completed by the end of 2022. These steps are proof of INALUM's commitment in creating an aluminum industry cluster, increasing production capacity and ensuring the quality of Indonesian aluminum products that are strong and competitive in the world market.

INALUM is a partner of in the pathway of Indonesian civilization, a partner of national development, a friend in to support mining downstream which modern and sustainable.

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INALUM as the face of modern national aluminum industrialization and caring for the environment carries out sustainable activities with all stakeholders.

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