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Supporting Toba Regency's Corn Agriculture, INALUM Hands over Corn Sheller

12 Oct 2021

Balige, October 11, 2021 - PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Persero) INALUM handed over 5 (five) units of Corn Sheller Machines to Farmers in North Siantar Village (Siruar), Parmaksian District, Toba Regency, North Sumatra at the Parsuratan Balige Village Hall Office on Monday October 11, 2021. This assistance is a collaboration between INALUM and Lamhot Sinaga, a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission VII.

Lamhot Sinaga, as an INALUM collaboration partner in this program, said that this program is a routine program that is often carried out by INALUM in North Sumatra. He hopes that this program can continue to be expanded, so that corn farmers in North Sumatra can be more prosperous.

"Thank you to PT INALUM (Persero) who never stops helping the community. I conveyed the aspirations of the community to PT INALUM (Persero) for now helping corn farmers, and they immediately helped by providing 5 (five) units of Corn Sheller Machines. They also help not only the people in Toba but also North Tapanuli Regency, Humbang Hasundutan Regency and other places," said Lamhot.

INALUM's CSR & PKBL Senior Vice President, Ismail Midi said that this program was INALUM's step in improving the class of farmers in North Sumatra, especially Toba Regency. He hopes that this assistance will help the North Siantar Village Community in increasing their agricultural output and welfare.

"We hope that the assistance that has been given to the community can be put to good use. Earlier, Mr. Lamhot also explained about the improvement in the price of corn after the cessation of corn imports. So this is an opportunity for the community to increase corn production through existing technology. Hopefully corn products and the community's economy will also increase," said Ismail (11/11).

For information, the 5 (five) units of the corn sheller machine submitted by INALUM are important equipment in the downstream process of corn products. The corn sheller tool will improve the yield of shelled corn as well as the corn shelling work process is much more effective and efficient compared to manual, by hand. With a shorter shelling time, it will be easier for farmers to sell them to the market.

In addition to Lamhot Sinaga, the activity was also attended by the Head of North Siantar Village, Pargaulan Marpaung, Chairman of the Toba Regency DPRD, Effendy Napitupulu and Head of the Koperindag Office of Toba Tua Pangaribuan Regency.

Siruar Village Head Pargaulan Marapaung representing the Siruar Village community expressed his gratitude to PT INALUM (Persero) and Lamhot Sinaga for the assistance provided. The hope is that with the help of the Corn Sheller Machine, it can foster the spirit of farming in Corn Farmers and help improve the welfare of the community.