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The 21st INALUM Technology Innovation Seminar: Synergy in Innovation

02 Jul 2021

Kuala Tanjung (30/6) - PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) or INALUM held the 21st annual Technology Innovation Seminar (TIS) which was held virtually via Teleconference Zoom in the Ballroom of INALUM's Kuala Tanjung Office, North Sumatra on Wednesday (30/6) with a total of 4 teams of innovators who made presentations and competed in front of the jury and around 400 audiences consisting of the Management and the extended family of the Indonesian Mining Industry Holding (MIND ID) which is the parent of INALUM, high school and vocational high school students around the company, as well as lecturers and students from several well-known universities in North Sumatra.

On this occasion, MIND ID Group CEO, Orias Petrus Moedak expressed his hopes regarding the implementation of this TIS. "I hope that with this innovation event we can continue to learn to be better, because innovation is also born from how we learn from past mistakes and improve them to be better in the future," said Orias.

INALUM's Managing Director, Sophia I. Wattimena also hopes that the TIS activities that have been implemented since 2005 can continue to be carried out in the future. "TIS 2021 this time managed to collect 22 innovations consisting of 12 innovations in the operational category and 10 innovations in the administration category, it is hoped that TIS activities can continue to be carried out continuously so that they are able to produce superior innovators who are able to compete globally," said Sophia.

Furthermore, on the same occasion, the President Commissioner of MIND ID, Doni Monardo said that the innovations born from TIS could be synergized with all parties. "Hopefully the innovations born in TIS can then be synergized with all relevant stakeholder elements so that the proposed innovations can run well and be able to contribute to the surrounding community," he explained.

In this 21st TIS, there were 4 best innovation titles that passed the selection and were presented on the D-day. The Chief Executive of TIS, Edi Mugiono, on the occasion also reported related to the selection carried out at the 21st TIS. "The long selection was carried out in accordance with 6 aspects, namely Application of Idea, Originality of Idea, Writing Structure, Presenting Structure, Impact of Innovation and How to Implement, until finally through a meeting it was decided the 4 best innovation titles that could be presented on the D-Day of the TIS event, "explained Eddie.

At the 21st TIS there were 4 judges who were present to assess the 4 innovations being competed, namely the Coordinator of Economic Analysis and Industrial Sector of the Ministry of SOEs Sitta Rosdaniah, Dean of the USU Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ir. Fahmi, ST, M.Sc, IPM, Director of Institutional Relations MIND ID Dany Amrul Ichdan and INALUM Managing Director Sophia I. Wattimena. The 21st TIS event was also interspersed with an online quiz for the audience and a favorite presenter polling session. At the end of the presentation session, the results of the 21st TIS were announced which was won by Dhiya Irfano Azmi with the innovation title “Increase Availability of Power Generation with Installation External Oil Cooler & Dust Collector System in Siguragura Power & Tangga Power”.

For information, this Technology Innovation Seminar (TIS) is INALUM's annual agenda since 2005, where INALUM employee innovations are presented not only internally but also to the academic community around the company.