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Participate in the Success of the National Vaccine Program: INALUM Vaccines 2,000 Employees

07 May 2021

Tanjung Gading (6/5) - PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) or INALUM started the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination in stages for around 2,000 employees at the Kuala Tanjung Smelting Plant and PLTA Paritohan on Thursday (6/5).

A total of 305 employees have been vaccinated on Thursday (6/5) in collaboration with the Government and the Local Health Service.

"Through this vaccine, it is hoped that it can prevent the spread of COVID-19 among INALUM employees so that the operational stability of the company can be maintained," said INALUM Managing Director Sophia I. Wattimena who also monitors the implementation of vaccinations at the INALUM Tanjung Gading Housing Complex Multipurpose Building.

Furthermore, Sophia also said that previously INALUM had also carried out COVID-19 vaccinations to several priority INALUM employees, especially health workers.

"Previously, INALUM has started vaccinating 40 health workers who work at the INALUM clinic and to approximately 100 priority employees in Medan. However, in order to maintain the stability of the company's operations, this mass vaccination is then carried out to all employees in stages until May 10, 2021, ”explained Sophia.

In addition, Sophia also added that to accelerate this vaccination activity, INALUM also collaborates with all stakeholders who have had good relations with INALUM.

"INALUM in implementing this vaccination also collaborates and involves health workers from various stakeholders, including Pure Teguh Hospital and Rumkit TK II Putri Hijau Kesdam I / BB and Puskesmas Kec. Pohan's door. Hopefully this collaboration can accelerate the vaccination process for all INALUM employees, "Sophia explained.

Dimas, one of INALUM's employees who participated in the vaccination activity, expressed his appreciation to the company for the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination program.

"I would like to thank INALUM for this vaccination program, hopefully with this vaccination we can all avoid the COVID-19 outbreak," hoped Dimas.

Even though it is carried out en masse, the COVID-19 vaccination at INALUM is carried out while maintaining a strict Health Protocol through the implementation of 5M (Wearing Masks, Maintaining Distance, Washing Hands, Limiting Mobilization and Avoiding Crowds).

As is known, the government has ordered all parties in the country to carry out the COVID-19 vaccination with the aim of forming Herd Immunity or group immunity. So at least 75% of the population must be vaccinated in order to create mass immunity.