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Ministry of SOE Inaugurates INALUM 8 Floor Building

12 Jan 2021

Kuala Tanjung (6/1) - PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) or INALUM held a reception to commemorate the 45th Anniversary as well as the inauguration of INALUM's first 8 floor building in Batu Bara Regency, North Sumatra physically and virtually at the INALUM Kuala Main Office Ballroom Tanjung, North Sumatra on Wednesday (6/1). The event, which was attended by around 60 physically and nearly 700 people virtually, was carried out with strict health protocols and was characterized by symbolic giving of compensation to 145 orphans and the inauguration of the building as well as the signing of the building inscription virtually by Deputy Minister of SOE I Pahala Nugraha Mansury.

"It is hoped that this new building can support INALUM's operations to become the leading aluminum smelter, increase production capacity and become a reference for the world aluminum market," said Deputy Minister of SOE I Pahala Nugraha Mansury in his speech representing the Minister of SOE.

Pahala further added that he believes that currently INALUM is in the right hand and path to become the leading aluminum smelter based on AKHLAK values. "It is hoped that INALUM will be able to carry out its operations with AKHLAK (Trustworthy, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive and Collaborative) values ​​to provide the best for the country and society," he said.

Apart from the AKHLAK value, INALUM also always practices key behavior, namely Agile, Going Extra Mile and Accountable as well as ProsPeKTIF values ​​(Professional, Development, Cooperation, Responsibility, Integrity and Benefit). These values ​​were displayed by INALUM at the event through a dance mapping that spoiled the eyes of the participants.

On this occasion several regional officials such as the Governor of North Sumatra, Pangdam I Bukit Barisan, Kapolda North Sumatra and other strategic stakeholders conveyed their hopes through a short video testimonial. Not to be left behind, the President Commissioner of INALUM, Agus Tjahajana Wirakusumah, on the same occasion, virtually expressed his hope that at the age of 45 INALUM could continue to develop.

"Four and a half decades is not an easy journey, the challenges will continue to increase, but INALUM must be able to survive the challenges of the present and the future. With this new building, it is hoped that it will become one of INALUM's milestones to move forward in the future, "hoped Agus.

Furthermore, MIND ID Group CEO, Orias Petrus Moedak, also emphasized that INALUM must be able to continue to expand its business in order to pursue the Company's vision. "Through the theme of Acceleration, Transformation and Expansion at its 45th Anniversary, we hope that in the midst of the difficult situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, even though INALUM must continue to move fast and expand its business," said Orias.

On this 45th Anniversary, INALUM has a long-term target that must be achieved by 2030. This was also expressed by INALUM's Managing Director, Oggy Achmad Kosasih in his remarks. "INALUM is very ambitious to be able to expand its wings into a large integrated aluminum-based company with an aluminum production capacity of around 1.3 million tons of aluminum per year by 2030," said Oggy.

Not only hope, INALUM also received appreciation from stakeholders, including the Regent of Batu Bara, Ir. H. Zahir, M. AP, who on the occasion expressed his appreciation for INALUM at the age of 45. "At a fairly mature age, INALUM has contributed greatly to regional and national progress. Coal could not be this big without INALUM, "said Zahir.

The series of commemorative receptions for the 45th Anniversary were also enlivened with the cutting of tumpeng which was carried out live at 9 work locations as well as performances of dance mapping and interactive entertainment from INALUM employees and bands.

In addition, on this occasion INALUM also presented several nominations for the winners of the photo, video, INALUM Star and cleaning competition which had previously been held virtually on December 1-21, 2020. Furthermore, on this occasion it was also announced that the INALUM Virtual Charity Sports event had held on 16-31 December 2020 and was attended by around 4,000 participants.