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Lemhannas Holds FGD and Visits to INALUM

24 Jun 2021

Medan (22/6) - INALUM's Managing Director, Sophia I. Wattimena was a resource person at the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) organized by the Indonesian National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas) at the Radisson Hotel Medan (22/6).

In the FGD with the theme "Handling national strategic issues related to the existence of INALUM in supporting national development and initiating the independence of the domestic aluminum industry", the Managing Director of INALUM explained the development projects being carried out by INALUM in order to increase aluminum production capacity in INALUM and promote the domestic aluminum industry.

Furthermore, the Indonesian National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas) group then visited the INALUM Smelting Plant in Kuala Tanjung on Tuesday (22/6) and the INALUM PLTA in Paritohan on Wednesday (23/6). During the visit which was held in the context of the Field Study on National Strategic Issues, the Indonesian National Defense Institute team saw firsthand the Aluminum production process at INALUM starting from the Aluminum electrolysis process in the reduction furnace until the Aluminum was printed and ready to be sent to INALUM customers.