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Kuala Tanjung Community Harvest Hydroponic Vegetables from INALUM's Assistance

04 Feb 2021

Kuala Tanjung (3/2) - The hydroponic vegetable management group of Kuala Tanjung, Batu Bara Regency, North Sumatra carried out a harvest of the hydroponic vegetable program on Wednesday (3/2). This assistance is one of the food security assistance programs provided by INALUM to the community in Kuala Tanjung Village in November 2020.

Harvesting was carried out at 5,000 hydroponic vegetable holes while still implementing the 3M health protocol, namely washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining distance. The 5,000 hole points consist of hydroponic vegetable variants in the form of sweet mustard greens, spinach, pakcoi, and kale.

"The results of this harvest will later be used for group consumption and sold in Kuala Tanjung and its surroundings, so that now Kuala Tanjung Village residents no longer need to rely on vegetable supplies from other areas," said INALUM Community Empowerment Manager Ali Hasian during the harvest.

Ali further added that this harvest is the third harvest that has been carried out on this hydroponic vegetable. "The harvest of these three hydroponic vegetables proves that this program can take place in a sustainable manner, this is in line with INALUM's hopes when launching this program in November 2020. Hopefully this program can also help improve the economy of Kuala Tanjung Village because this hydroponic vegetable is besides being healthier. also have economic value and can be sold to other areas, "said Ali.

In addition, Ali also hopes that this hydroponic vegetable program can be emulated by other villages. "INALUM hopes that this program can motivate other villages to be able to independently create small hydroponic systems so that they can reduce daily life expenses in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic," Ali hoped.

On this occasion, the Head of Kuala Tanjung Village, Usman expressed his appreciation to INALUM for this hydroponic vegetable program. "The people of Kuala Tanjung feel very helped by this program, hopefully this program can continue to develop in the future so that vegetable production can increase even more and even this hydroponic location can be used as a reference / education for hydroponic agri-tourism for other villagers," said Usman.

Meanwhile, Syaiful as the head of the hydroponic vegetable management group added that in the management of hydroponic vegetables there were no significant obstacles because the process was supervised by INALUM. "The management of hydroponic vegetables is carried out with guidance from INALUM and has proven to be able to achieve the third harvest, thanks to INALUM who has provided this assistance to guide the planting of these vegetables so that it is successful," explained Syaiful.