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Implementation of Mass Vaccination at INALUM

19 Jun 2021

Kuala Tanjung (18/6) – The Head of the Regional Police (Kapolda) of North Sumatra and the Commander of the Bukit Barisan Military Command I reviewed the implementation of mass vaccination at the INALUM Housing Complex in Tanjung Gading, Batu Bara Regency, North Sumatra on Friday (18/6). This mass vaccination was carried out for 3 days on 16-18 June 2021 with a target of 3,000 participants. This vaccination is specifically for the elderly and public service officers and the people of Batu Bara Regency.

North Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Drs. R.Z. Panca Putra Simanjuntak, M.Si reminded all people to remain vigilant against Covid-19 even though they have been vaccinated. "Thank God this vaccination can be carried out well in Batu Bara Regency with the support of all stakeholders including INALUM. We urge all people who have been vaccinated to remain vigilant against Covid-19,"

Meanwhile, the Commander of Kodam I Bukit Barisan, Major General TNI Hassanudin, SIP, MM reminded the public the importance of maintaining 5M. "After this vaccination, we urge all people to maintain the 5M, namely Wearing Masks, Washing Hands, Keeping Distance, Staying Away from Crowds and Restricting Mobility in Activities," explained Hassanudin.

INALUM's Managing Director Sophia Isabella Wattimena who was present said, "INALUM fully supports the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination activities for the people of Batu Bara Regency. Through synergies with Poldasu, Kodam I BB, Batu Bara Regency Government and all stakeholders involved, we hope that the implementation of this vaccination can run smoothly and effectively prevent the spread of Covid-19, especially in Batu Bara Regency," said Sophia.

Furthermore, the Regent of Batu Bara, Ir. H. Zahir, M.AP in his speech also hoped that the vaccination program could continue until all the people of Batu Bara received the vaccine. "It is hoped that this vaccination program will not stop here, we will continue to strive and synergize with related parties so that all the people of Batu Bara can immediately receive the vaccine," said Zahir.

In the mass vaccination review, As Ops Kasdam I BB, Col. inf. Kristomei Sianturi, Batu Bara Police Chief, AKBP Ikhwan Lubis, SH, MH, Dandim 0208 Asahan, Lt. Col. Inf. Sri Marantika Beruh, S.Sos, Danlanal Tanjung Balai Asahan, Marine Lieutenant Colonel (F) Robinson Hendrik Etwiory, Chairman of the Batu Bara DPRD M. Safi'I, SH, Deputy Regent of Batu Bara, Oky Iqbal Frima, SE, Regional Secretary of Batu Bara Regency, Sakti Alam Siregar, Head of Coal Health Office, drg. Wahid Khusyairi, MM, Director of the Batu Bara Hospital, dr. Guruh Wahyu Nugraha and other stakeholders.