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INALUM Records Positive Aluminium Production Performance Throughout 2020

22 Mar 2021

PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) or INALUM recorded a positive (unaudited) Aluminum production performance in 2020. The company recorded production of Aluminium Ingots, Billets and Foundry Alloys with a total of 245 thousand tons or 101% compared to the 2020 RKAP-P target of 242 thousand ton. This achievement can still be achieved even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

INALUM Managing Director, Oggy Achmad Kosasih said that the achievement of Aluminum production throughout 2020 is a contribution to the optimal performance of the Aluminum smelter and the implementation of strict health protocols.

"In the implementation of production activities, INALUM always pays attention to aspects of good operational governance, starting from the aluminum smelting process, casting to ingots, billets and foundry alloys, as well as ensuring the sustainability of hydropower plants," said Oggy.

"In addition, the Company implements strict health protocols both in office and factory areas to ensure production is maintained," he added.

The record of good operational performance during the pandemic shows INALUM Operational's commitment to contributing to the country and society. "This is a manifestation of the role of the mining industry to remain one of the pillars of driving the country's economy," said Oggy.

During 45 years of managing strategic mineral commodities, especially aluminum, with a domestic and export orientation, INALUM Operations is committed to maintaining product quality so that Aluminum, which is processed by bauxite minerals, provides benefits to the lives of Indonesian people.

In 2020, INALUM Operational produces Primary High Grade Aluminum products with London Metal Exchange (LME) standards; Primary Aluminum Billet series 6063, 6061 and 6005 with a homogenizing process that can be applied to building construction; and Aluminum Foundry Alloy A356.2 for production applications of motor vehicle wheels and other automotive components.

As one of Indonesia's strategic industries, INALUM Operasional continues to strive to meet domestic needs to improve the quality of life of the community through Aluminum commodities.

"Since 2014, INALUM Operations has been the supplier of the majority of Aluminum products in Indonesia. Currently, the market share for Aluminum products produced by the Company reaches 81% in Indonesia, ”said Oggy.

In 2020, Operational INALUM has reached its 8 million tonnes of Aluminum production. This achievement is a reflection for the Company to continue to increase operational added value in particular to stakeholders and the environment around the operating area and in general to support Indonesia's development.