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INALUM Distributes Hearing Aids and Wheelchairs from INALUM Virtual Charity Sports Activities

22 Mar 2021

Kuala Tanjung (5/3) - PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) or INALUM distributed assistance to children with disabilities in need around the Company in February and March 2021. The assistance provided was in the form of 74 hearing aids and 16 chairs. wheels. This assistance is the result of INALUM Virtual Charity Sports activities which were held on INALUM's 45th Anniversary.

At the delivery of the aid, INALUM Deputy Corporate Secretary Mahyaruddin AR explained the purpose of providing this assistance. "This assistance is the result of donations from INALUM Virtual Charity Sports activities which were held on INALUM's 45th Anniversary, we saw that many children with disabilities around the Company still need assistance with devices such as hearing aids and wheelchairs. We feel compelled to distribute this assistance to children with disabilities, especially children who are deaf and hard of hearing, "said Mahyaruddin.

Furthermore, PLTA INALUM PLTA Community Empowerment Manager Tober Sidabutar hopes that this assistance can increase the enthusiasm of children with disabilities to continue to achieve their future. "With this assistance, we hope the children will be more enthusiastic in pursuing their dreams," hoped Tober. This hope was also shared by INALUM Smelting Factory Community Empowerment Manager Ali Hasian who hoped that this assistance would later have a long-term impact to support the activities of children with disabilities.

For information, this assistance was distributed to children with disabilities scattered around the Company in North Sumatra, namely Toba, Batu Bara, Asahan and Simalungun Districts. During the delivery of the aid, children with disabilities also showed off their talents such as singing, dancing, playing music and others.

One of the parents of a child receiving wheelchair assistance, namely Yohana, expressed his deepest gratitude to INALUM for their assistance. "We are very touched by the assistance that has been given from INALUM in the form of wheelchairs and hearing aids, this is the first time we have received this kind of assistance and this assistance is very useful for us. Thank you INALUM, I hope INALUM will be more prosperous and more advanced in the future, "said Yohana.