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Florist-Assisted SMEs Brother & Sister: Blossoming between Joy and Sorrow

18 Jan 2021

Simalungun (18/1) - Dame Uli Sidabutar is one of the SMEs assisted by PT Inalum who is engaged in the florist business and the provision of party supplies. When the new normal arrives, the wheels of business get back up to speed, albeit with strict health protocols to try to harmonize and balance economic and health demands.

She started a business since her husband died when she was pregnant with her second child. Previously she was a housewife who was then forced to become the head of the family and struggled alone to support her small family. Since then, she started learning flower board arrangement in seminars and workshops which has now led her to the florist and slag business.

"I used to take part in training on how to increase my husband's income," she said with a chuckle.

He started his business only from a series of flower boards for joy and sorrow events such as seminars and workshops that he attended. In order to be known by many people, he added brands and contacts under his flower board as well as shared them on his personal Facebook account. Dame's business is increasingly recognized by the public and over time she has expanded her business by providing party tables and chairs. Then concurrently to various decorations of places and events. In fact, now he is also accepting catering orders and renting out his assets to MSMEs in the floristic and terracotta fields.

"Like a school, business needs a process. Starting first from elementary school, then moving up to junior high school, and so on. Doing business is also like that, starting from one small age, then day by day it will continue to grow and develop according to our capacity, ”said Dame.

Her two children are an inspiration to her. It was from them that he named his business with the names Abang and Adik in order to become his motivation and reminder to work enthusiasm and develop his business when tired and the desire to give up came over him.

Before the business fund lending program existed, Inalum had provided CSR assistance to Dame in the form of cash. This cash is then used to buy a table. Several years later, he joined the Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL) organized by Inalum. Through this program, he received a loan of Thirty Million Rupiah which he then used to increase his assets such as chairs and tables along with their fabrics, flowers, and other tools and equipment. Previously, Dame only had 100 chairs, which she slowly added, until now she has 1,200 chairs.

However, currently Dame's efforts cannot be separated from the influence of Covid-19. His business was suspended for three months because no one held any events due to the Covid-19 pandemic which continued to increase from day to day. In a situation like this, he relied on the savings from his only livelihood to survive the pandemic.

Thankfully, the policy on the New Normal provided a ray of hope for his business. One by one the events are now being held again, although on a small scale, of course in the future he hopes that the economic conditions will improve.